Small custom, black and white drawings start at around $70 for an 8x8" illustration. Color works start out around $150. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your portrait.

A deposit of 30% of your total cost is needed to secure your booking.
Ideal for single studies or small double portraits
Paper Size Price
Color Black and White
8 x 8" ~$150 ~$70
8 x 10" ~$170 ~$85
11 x 14" ~$250 ~$120
12 x 12" ~$300 ~$150
Ideal for double portraits, groups or large single studies
14 x 18" ~$375 TBD
16 x 16" ~$425
16 x 20" ~$500
18 x 24" ~$560

Prices listed above are for one person or pet. The figure’s head and neck will be incorporated in the drawing without a background (like a traditional bust), if you would like a full body portrait please contact me for additional pricing.

For portraits including more than one figure please add an additional 30% of the listed price. If you would like more than three figures please contact me for a custom quote. For multiple figures I highly recommend choosing a larger size as you may lose some details.

The specified sizes above are the paper size. I generally try to leave an extra ½” or so around the edges of the paper to allow for matting. Your figure will fit comfortably within the paper size, blurring out along the bottom edge. If you would like your figure to go off the paper please let me know in advance.


You must be able to provide a high-quality, well-lit photo with an unobstructed view of your figure – photos will be approved before guarantee of drawing.

I recommend taking photos in natural light, while avoiding direct sunlight which can blur details and create an undesirable contrast. A photo in natural light will bring out the variety of colors in your pet. When taking photos of an animal, get down to eye level with them. Try to encourage them to look at you by holding a treat near the camera. I recommend NOT taking photos with flash, as this will wash out their colors. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.